Towards a Better Life

Is the world in a downward spiral?   Are we all doing the wrong thing?   Are we irrevocably doomed to annihilation of our race and our beautiful planet?

I know we have a propensity to stay nestled in our comfort zones – as individuals and as a race, and to choose the easy option which can destroy ourselves or others.   That definitely is a human characteristic.    We also don’t seem to learn much about our self-destructive tendencies until they create situations which are intolerable.   Then we wake up.   Sometimes.    Sometimes we don’t, and we hope we can get away with it.

We never do, though.   Once we get a reveille call, we’re en route to having to wake up whether we want to or not.   If we ignore this one we get another, more noticeable by virtue of being more uncomfortable.   I don’t think that’s about the world or the universe or god waking us up, I think a part of ourselves longs for better quality of life and pushes through that part of us which clings to our self-destructive tendences.    It’s our saving grace.    Part of our evolutionary make-up.

So, I know the world looks as if it’s in a shocking state – and in many ways it is.   Human trafficking???    Rape, murder, violence, abuse of children, pedophilia, political corruption.    You name it, we’ve got it all.    And on top of that we’re destroying the planet – either actively, or passively.

But what if the result of our actions has reached such a level of degredation that we’re finally responding to the wake-up call that is nothing more than the better part of ourselves?   The part which needs to see life being cherished above all else.

The stories that are being exposed by the media are horrendous.   I certainly can’t get my head around the idea of a girl child being sold into sexual slavery by her father for a few measly dollars.    Nor can I fathom the new immigration law in Arizona which is paving the way for racial profiling and is driven by fear and prejudice.   Or the way the ANC in South Africa has become so corrupt, betraying everything Nelson Mandela established.

But another part of the whole is that an enormous number of people are beginning to rally in a meaningful way to put a stop to such human rights violations.

People get involved these days, they want to be part of a solution.    Consciousness of the value of life is increasing exponentially.    Once as a race our evolution as individuals was focused on survival.    Once we got that down to a certain degree, our aspirational self started evolving.    Now the longing to flourish is part of the mix.    People are saying “we have the right to do more than just survive at any cost.   We have the right to experience love and be cherished.”

I don’t think we’re in a downward spiral.   I think we’re stepping out of history.    I believe evolution towards increased quality of life is inevitable in the human race.

Ignorance is bliss, but it leads us to do terrible things.    Knowledge can be alarming, but it empowers us to respond to our better nature, as individuals and as a race, and that, surely, is a good thing.   All in all, I don’t think we are in a worse place than we’ve ever been before.    We’re just better informed about the reality of who we’ve always been and what we’ve always been capable of – both constructive and destructive.

Einstein said once we accept our limits we can go beyond them.   I think that’s what’s happening now as a race.   We’re seeing our limits and we don’t like what we see.    At last!   I believe that the most powerful driving force within us is luring us towards moving beyond them towards that which is good.


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