Orgasmic Pleasures, Limits and Getting Beyond Them

I discovered two orgasmic pleasures in the last 24 hours.  The first is stretching like a cat.  Got to get video so you can see what I mean.  God it feels good.  Just let your body do the weirdest wildest stretchy things it can think of.   Aaaahhhh.

The other thing is cream.  Yes, thick artery-clogging cream.  A friend gave me some treats yesterday, including a bottle of cream.  So today I had cream on toast, cream on a pear, cream on a banana and eventually just cream on cream.  Still purrrring like a very contented cat.

In which frame of mind I wrote a small article  about The White House Correspondent’s Association dinner held the other night.  It’s an annual do where the president, a bunch of celebrities and journalists all hang out together looking smart and being funny.  Started in 1920, and used to be a men-only thing until one sassy journalist by the name of Helen Thomas pushed John F. Kennedy to boycott the dinner unless women were allowed.

Jay Leno and Obama entertained the crowd sniping at themselves and each other with great good will.  I think Obama would have made a great stand-up comedian.   He’s funny, his wit is incisive, he’s pretty well-informed (go figure), he’s as smart as a tack, and he’s got a great smile.

Watching him talk about anything makes me feel good.   Yip, that’s right, I have a crush on the man.  Move over Robert de Niro and Jack that’s-not-your-real-name.

It was a relief to read and write about people who aren’t angry.   The world seems so full of them.   Personally I’ve got nothing against anger, I think it’s a very helpful tool we have, but only if we know what to do with it.    Bottling it doesn’t make it onto my list of clever things to do with it.   Expressing it in private, yes, top of the list.  Hurting somebody else with it by dumping on them or making them my scapegoat?   Second last on the list, just above bottling.

The thing is, underneath anger, I reckon there’s a whole lot of fear.  If only people would realize that and reach out for love and understanding instead of weapons and destructive laws.  When you’ve got enough love for yourself you don’t want to hurt anybody, you just want to share.

Ah well.  Perhaps we’re moving towards that goal, shedding our past.  Perhaps the world isn’t getting worse, it’s just that we’re all becoming more truthful and seeing the reality of how bad it’s always been.

The truth is hard to face, but as that clever fellow Einstein once said, once you accept your limits you can go beyond them.  If it’s true for one, it’s probably true for everyone.


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