Iceland’s volcano, nature and money money money

To my great embarrassment, I admit that I didn’t know about Iceland’s volcano, until a friend pointed it out.   She said funny nobody’s writing about the poor people in Iceland.

She’s right.  Scrolling through the headlines about Iceland’s volcano, I couldn’t find any stories about what people in Iceland are going through.  Isn’t that a bit weird?

Seems like the subject that interests most people is how much money all this is costing insurance companies, and airlines (let’s not forget them) – in the rest of Europe, by the way, not in Iceland.  Bugger the Icelandics, who cares about them.  Who thinks of writing a human interest story when they can write about money instead?  Doesn’t anybody want to read the stories of people whose lives have been turned upside down?  I do.

Money, money, money.

Well, I didn’t see anything about Icelandics in the headlines, but I came on an interesting tidbit.  Apparently the volcano’s carbon dioxide emissions were 150 000 tonnes a day in the early days of the eruption, in comparison to the 510 000 tonnes manufactured by planes flying over Europe when air traffic is uninterrupted.  So that’s quite a saving.

Clever nature.

But of course we’re much cleverer, and when we can’t fly we drive.  Gotta get those carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere one way or another.  Because we just gotta make money, gotta get there fast, wherever there is.  Never mind about the planet, let somebody else worry about it.  Aren’t those celebrities doing something?  That should be enough, right?

Damn volcano, interrupting lives like this, making things so difficult.


Well, I’m going to see if I can find some stories about some Icelandics.   Must be some somewhere.


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