How to stop time

Lazy Sunday.   Yesterday I sat down at the piano, intending to let myself play for a couple of hours.   M fingers were stiff, and my brain dull.   The music seemed a million miles away.  I didn’t have that sense of open plains inside myself that I usually do with the piano.   I had a kind of panic telling me I didn’t have time to do this, I should be working on trying to earn money, or promoting my blog or writing my script.

But frankly I didn’t feel like it.   I let the panic be and carried on playing.   After a couple of hours I was loose enough for the pleasure to awaken in  body and mind.    And then nothing mattered.   Thoughts drifted through, but I didn’t pay any attention to them.   My heart relaxed.  I let go.

I played all day, had supper, watched some TV and played on until midnight.

The world receded, and time stopped.


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