Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow and Not Having to be Perfect

Yesterday I had a tantrum, then I cried me a river.   I let myself write an uninspired blog, most of which was a photo taken when I visited Egypt some time ago.  You can’t be happy every day, no matter what your situation is.  Unless you’re some kind of superhuman.  Which clearly I’m not!

After I wrote my blog I ventured out the front door – and funnily enough, there was no Egyptian boat waiting to carry me down the Nile or away from my life.  Damn.  But the air was warm, and I went down to the beach.  It was so unutterably beautiful.  The colors were outrageous again – I have to start taking photos so you can see what I mean – and there were plenty of people of all ages and color, strolling, playing, laughing, loving.   Dogs sprinting at the speed of light after balls and bits of seaweed, children running around in the shallow water, playing in the sand.

My spirits lifted and I suddenly didn’t feel like sailing away from anywhere.  I was perfectly happy where I was.

Storms come and they go.  I never think they will go when I’m in the middle of them, but they always do.  Sun always comes out eventually.

I got home and did some internet work then got going on the 3rd draft of my film script.  I’m really starting to enjoy it now.  When I began, it was just a clever idea, but I didn’t really relate to my protagonist.  Now I love her!  She’s a wild thing.

This morning I woke to a new day.  And wait for this, guys – yesterday I had the most visitors ever!  Isn’t that ironic?  Ironic or not, I’m whooping it up here.   And on Google’s search results for “Stepping out of History” I’ve got places numbers one to six.   How about that?   Of course at the moment not a lot of people are making the connection between that title and what I mean by it – you know, changing the influences of the past so the present and the future can be different, better,brighter, more fulfilling.  Etc.

But actually that’s quite fun for me.  It means I’ve got something original going here, started it from scratch.   Blowing my own trumpet here.   I’ve changed history a teeny tiny wee bit, because before I started my blog, “Stepping out of history” only brought up history results.    Now the idea that it could mean something else is feeding out into the world.  Slowly, but surely, and not by coincidence – I actually know what I’m doing here, imagine that.  And I only know because I’ve been doing the dreaded and hated Internet Marketing.

Hmmm.  God or whoever works in mysterious ways.

What I’m not doing is writing the perfect blog.  Or maybe I am, maybe I’m writing the perfectly imperfect blog.   Just babbling here.  Feeling pretty good.  Feeling pretty stepped out of history.


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