America’s Voices of Discontent

I’ve submitted 7 articles to SearchWarp, and have been enjoying the enthusiastic response I’ve had.  I’ve had  3,777  page views as of this moment, and the comments I’ve received have been generous and full of praise.   Americans don’t hold back on their enthusiasm; they let it out, and they’re articulate about it.  I so love them for that.  There are some really great writers there, too.

Some, however, are very staunch Christians, and whilst I try to understand respect their beliefs, I can’t always relate to them.  And there are plenty of times I get judgmental and angry.  That’s about me, though.

A few days ago I read an article which called for all Christians in America to band together to vote the current administration out.  It said that the problem in America now is the government, and that what was needed was to “clean house”.  The article went on to say that America needed to be returned to its Christian origins.  It was written from the heart, and with great passion.  That much was clear.  The author truly believed what they were saying.

Well, thanks to the sane input from another writer, I learned that America’s origins weren’t Christian.  So that’s that. It was founded on principles of equality etc.

Yesterday I got a reply to a query I wrote re “cleaning house” – namely that the author meant vote out the current administration, because it lacks “Honesty, hope, faith, courage, integrity, humility, justice, and love” (Freudianly, “tolerance” is absent!).  Furthermore, the author believed that the current administration has brought America to its knees!  The O word (Obama) wasn’t mentioned, by the way.

Whooee, my buttons got pressed!   Oh yes, they did.  I cursed freedom of speech, I pointed fingers (all in the privacy of my home, I’ll have you know) I jumped up and down.  Intolerance personified, I.

Having let some of the steam out, I replied, hopefully with a degree of sanity and dignity.  Probably not as much as I wanted.  Probably did as much finger-pointing as the people I was criticizing.

This morning I saw how the article had frightened me – which accounts for my anger.  I get so uneasy when religion is mixed up with politics, in the sense of people using their “spirituality” and their “special connection with God” as justification for making inflammatory accusations which don’t have a factual base.   The term “clean house” is uncomfortable rhetoric for me.  Sweeping out the dirt.   Scary stuff.  When the “dirt” is the Barack Obama administration, perhaps you can understand my fear and rage.   But perhaps the author wasn’t coming from that place at all.

They believed that the principles  of Honesty, hope, faith, courage, integrity, humility, justice, and love are absent in the Obama administration, and seemed to draw the conclusion that they’re exclusively Christian.   Well, of course, they’re not.  They may be principles that Christians subscribe to, but so do all decent human beings, regardless of their religion or their beliefs.

To think that God only loves Christians is absurd.  What about the rest of us?

And lets’ face it, many Christians go to church, say their prayers, do good deeds and abuse their wives or husbands or their children, or are consumed by greed.  George Bush is a Christian, isn’t he?  The blood of how many innocent people is on his hands?   Christianity is a convenient mantle to hide a multitude of sins.

But it’s not really fair to target Christians in this way, because since the beginning of time, religion has been a convenient mantle to hide a multitude of sins.

What frightened and frustrated me  the most about the article wasn’t really the Christian thing, but  that the author truly believed  the current administration has brought America to its knees.  I was gobsmacked by that.  It takes a very long time to bring a great power to its knees.  Rome wasn’t built in a day nor was it destroyed in a day.  Whatever problems America has now are the result of past administrations – and how Americans have lived their lives.


Now that the euphoria of Obama’s election is well and truly over, all the fear of losing status quo, the terror of losing ground, the underlying racism, it’s all going to rise to the surface.   All the anger and resentments will spill over.

That would be fine if only we could recognize it for what it is, and deal with it in a personal capacity, within the realm of our own lives, be accountable for ourselves.  But generally we don’t.  All those pent-up emotions and frustrations get displaced and projected onto an administration, or the new President, the new leader.   Under the name of religion, and apparently with God’s blessing.

The voices of discontent that are emerging in America now, they’re not the voices of sanity and reason.  They’re the voices of people terrified of losing a safe place in the world.  I feel empathy for them, but I find myself asking the question: where have they been all these years when so many other Americans have had no safety at all in their world?  Did they care what the administration was doing to those people?

Life is the great equalizer, you can’t run from it forever.  What goes around comes around.  It’s inevitable.   If only we didn’t resist the change when it happens.

If only it wasn’t so scary.

If only we weren’t human and fallible!


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