Blog traffic, Good Friday, Winkle pickers, Olives and Coffee

Holy cow!  I don’t mean that irreligiously or irreverently.  I’m just jumping around with pleasure.  Yesterday, even though I didn’t post anything, I had the most readers I’ve ever had in a day.   It’s going up by leaps and bounds.  Whoooeee!  You have no idea how much time I waste looking at my stats – let me just check, I say.  When the number changes as I’m looking I jump up and down, I want to greet whoever it is – Hey!  How’re ya doin!  Welcome!  And of course I yell Holy Cow!

Which brings me (via a tenuous connection in my brain) to what this day is.

Good Friday.  I wonder why it’s called Good?  Wikipedia will probably tell me.  I’ve started really enjoying the research facility of the internet.  For example now I know what winkle pickers are – they’re a kind of shoe!  With a pointy toe (named after the pointy thing you use to pick out the winkle from its shell.  So you can eat it.

It’s a very very tenuous connection, I’d say, (between a crustacean and a SHOE????  It originated in England of course!  Where they say “whistle and flute” and it means “suit”.   Imaginative race, the English),  but somebody made it one day – the tenuous connection, in case you’ve lost the thread of this sentence 🙂 – and somebody else liked and repeated it.  At first it was probably a joke amongst friends and now it’s an accepted part of the English language.

The beginnings of things that we take for granted now fascinates me, because everything always starts with one person – doing something inventive, out of the ordinary.  Often downright ridiculous in the view of the general populace.

Take coffee for instance.  a raw coffee bean is VILE.   The taste should be enough to ward off any kind of desire to do anything with it.   Who on earth decided to roast it then grind it up, and pour boiling water over it?  What would make them think of it?

What about olives – anyone who’s tasted a raw olive knows how ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING they are.  Bitter bitter bitter.  Eugh!  But some enterprising individual soaked some in water for two weeks and hallelujah, it became one of the most delicious edibles (that’s not a very graceful word, is it) on earth.  What would give them the idea?

Imagine the scene: some dreamer (according to her friends) picks a bunch of raw olives and sticks them in a bucket with salt water.  Said friends all laugh, “what do you think that’s going to achieve!”.

“I don’t know” says dreamer.”  Every day she tastes a bit of olive.  Still disgusting.  Eugh!  Spits it out.  Perhaps after a week begins to think her friends are right.  Maybe she should toss the damn things out.  Give up.  But for some reason she doesn’t.  She’s kind of stubborn that way.  So waves of doubt give way to the bigger idea.

One miraculous day she tastes an olive – and voila!  At first, people who haven’t been present probably don’t believe it.  And now?  Amazing, huh.

The creativity of the human race and the capacity to persist in the face of all logical argument that says “give up” boggles the mind.


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