Billions and billions of dreams

Out of all the blogs that I’ve written, the one that’s had the most traffic has been “You don’t have to give up”.    Nobody wants to, that’s for sure.   (A close second was a Jack blog.   We’re all romantics at heart it seems.)

There are so many millions of people in the world.  Billions.  And every single one of them has a dream, if not scores of them.  That makes gazillions of dreams.  I’m talking about ones that haven’t come true yet.   I’m pretty convinced that the idea, the dream, is what sets everything in motion.   Can’t think of anything in my experience that didn’t start with an idea.

So just imagine, if the dreams are where all the action is, how much activity is going on behind the scenes right now!!

That’s a lot of creative energy.  Yeehah!!

And not one of us billions knows for sure that it’s happening, because we can’t see it.  We are a thick lot, we humans, aren’t we?   Not nearly as clever as we like to think we are.

Still, I love us.


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