Crooks stay away from me!!!

I wrote my first article for my blog today, on self esteem, and reminded myself why I’m alive, and what is meaningful to me.  I felt proud about publishing the article under my name, and pointing people to my blog.  Felt like a completely different person to when I’m publishing bloody e-commerce articles.

I had a sobering experience today.  Somebody “hired” me to write – guess what? articles – and at first I was excited.  JOB!!!!!  Then it turned out he didn’t want to go by the book.  Suddenly lost interest in me when I said I needed to behave with integrity.

Wasn’t even tempted.  And probably he would have taken my articles and refused to pay or found some excuse for the money not coming through. And where would that have left me?  Feeling abused, desperate, having done work I didn’t feel good about anyway, and not even being paid for it.

I’m glad I found out about him straight away.  Keep away from me, all crooks!  I can smell you a mile off and I don’t care how desperate I am for money, I won’t give up my integrity.

As the days go by I long already to have some other means of making money.  It was so good to put my heart and soul into that article for my blog.

Made me feel at peace with myself, and with the world.  Made me feel that my life has prospect, that I too can contribute something worthwhile to the world.

Truth is, I’ve really learned a lot about how to promote my blog – and even any e-books I want to write, so the internet marketing thing hasn’t all been for nothing, even if I don’t make money out of it.

Time for Numb3rs.   YESS!!!  Love those guys.  I adore the father.  All of them actually.  The math stuff is a bit pompous, but the rest of it is so beautiful.  Good relationship stuff, humor, personal honesty.   Etc.

Until tomorrow good friends.


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