Jack and isn’t it spring somewhere in the world

Feeling flippant and light-hearted today, what a pleasure.

“Men in Trees” has a man named – you got it – Jack.  Quite similar to my Jack – equally profound and nicely screwed up – although mine doesn’t want to grow a beard and is more fond of sometimes talking and having childish fun.   I don’t want someone who always needs to shut me up.   It’s true that you can use talking to keep somebody away – and I don’t certainly don’t want a Jack who talks about himself eternally like my brother (GAG) – but you have to connect sometimes with words.  Well I do anyway.  It’s all about balance, there’s no formula.  Although let’s face it, I’m more likely to not be able to think of anything to say.  Just like the movies – not the ones where the woman is chic, self-contained and tremendously sophisticated, the ones where she’s tongue-tied.  Embarrassed silence.  Thing is the movies always move straight on to sex, which Jack and I are not going to do for quite a while, sorry Jack.

This is a pearl of great price, my body and my intimate space.  So is yours, actually.

I read an article yesterday about what to do if your website traffic becomes no traffic at all.  The first thing is “don’t panic”.  The next thing is “don’t think there’s something wrong with your website.”  The next thing is “don’t touch the website”.  Finally, “go to the beach” – get away from it and the problem, relax.  This will give you a better perspective when you come back.

Good sound advice.  Same thing when you start out getting to know Potential Partner.  If you can’t think of anything to say don’t panic, don’t think there’s something wrong, don’t touch (bit of a stretch), don’t have sex (new element only applicable to relationships), go to the beach – preferably together. Do something that’s fun. Take a break from the stress of trying to show each other how great you are.

Whatever you do, don’t try to fix it with sex.  It only works in the movies.  You can only have the sex once you know each other for 3 months, anyway.  90 days.

In fact, never have sex to fix a problem.  It’s like taking a pill when you’re depressed.   Take heed of the psychologist in Numb3rs – he said “if you want to feel better take a pill.  If you want to get straight face the truth”.  See, if I gave up TV I’d lose out on all this wisdom.  For instance take this instance of not having anything to say: the problem won’t be that I want sex (although I probably will, if the 90 days aren’t over yet), it will be that I’m stricken with a sudden attack of shyness.

So.  Having blogged – was it yesterday or the day before? – about not needing a partner, not needing a man, putting up fortress walls, here I am fixating on Jack that’s-not-his-real-name.  Like a teenager.

It must be something in the air.  Isn’t it spring somewhere in the world?


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