Men who are unsung heroes

I went for what I expected would be a peaceful walk yesterday, and came upon a knot of excited people.  In the middle were two angry men holding an even angrier man down on the ground.  He was fighting and kicking and swearing like a maniac.  At first I thought he was being beaten up, but he wasn’t, he’d mugged an older woman, torn her dress and tried to pull her necklace off.

The two men who had captured him were holding him until the police could get there.  Things could have turned violent as the mugger was kicking and biting his captors; cursing and yelling; hurling insults, but the good guys, even though they were white-hot angry, kept their cool.  Amazing.

The good guys.  They really exist.  I felt safer in the world somehow.  I went up to thank them for stepping up, and they were both quite shy.  Just ordinary guys in their 40’s, being men.  Being heroes, protecting and defending the vulnerable.  Not even wanting to be in the limelight.

I  see articles or hear people jeer at men’s need to be heroes so often that it’s easy to forget what they risk, and what a gift that heroism can be.

This blog is dedicated to those two men.  Thanks.  Thanks for acting, for risking being hurt, for not getting violent, thanks for being there when we needed you.


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