A father’s unconditional love


No it’s not.  It’s Saturday.  Oh.  Good.

For once in my life I don’t have a whole lot of words.  Have they all dried up finally?  But it’s too soon!  I’m not world famous yet!  Sigh.

I saw such a beautiful man on the beach.  He had a child about six years old who was flipping out in rage at something, standing gesticulating like crazy, stamping, jumping up and down, yelling, insisting, just as angry as can be.  The man, who I suppose was his father, was leaning down towards him, listening with such intent and infinite patience, trying to understand through the storm.  No judgement, no advice, no criticism.  He just let the kid be, and paid attention.

It was the most beautiful thing, it touched my soul and made me feel so good about life.  It made my day.

And then I became aware of how many nice men there were around.  They were just all over the place.  Mmmmmmm.

I wonder what Jack that’s-not-his-real-name is doing today.  He was one of the good guys, I’m pretty sure of it.  I stood outside and looked up at the stars last night.  It had rained and the air was cool and the night sky clear.  Sparkly.  Lights in the village across the bay twinkling.  I thought about the real Jack then, and wondered if he’s like the Jack I have in my mind – because that man is real clear to me.  Wondered if we’ll ever meet.  I do hope so, it would be a shame not to.

Today I was reminded that men don’t fit into stereo-types any more than women.  Today I salute the men we never hear anything about because they’re the good guys.  Like the man on the beach, bending down to listen to his beautiful stormy angry child with absolute attention and concentration, and utterly unconditional love.

Making the world a better place.  For his child.  For me.  For all of us.


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