Feeling virtuously tired

I’ve got to the end of the day having enjoyed myself and done what I needed to do.  Didn’t conquer the world or slay any dragons, but I accomplished what I set out to do.

Did my script, tv series, blog, minisite marketing, Italian and piano – Bach.  Don’t know why, but some of his pretty basic stuff is really hard for me to learn, it just won’t sink in.  Have to play it over and over and over.  SLOWLY like a snail.  I can feel my brain utterly resisting, as if there’s no hard-wiring in there, no channel for the information to travel along.  All I want to do is fly with it, the music is so beautiful.  Feel very dull-witted when learning Bach.

But one day I know I’ll sit down and it will have all finally gelled in my brain.  Just like that.   Then I’ll fly.  You know, relatively speaking.  Don’t compare me to any great pianist or anything.  But that moment, it’s worth all the slog in the world.

My shoulder hurts, but not too bad.

I feel virtuously tired. 

I also listed all my tags, preparatory to doing some blog marketing, and it kind of blew me away all the topics I’ve covered in one way or another.  On one hand it’s pretty exciting, on the other it’s

rather scary

what’s in my brain.  Geez, just looking at the fear section makes my mind boggle.  Is there any fear that isn’t stuck in there somewhere?  And I think I’m not a lunatic!  Well, so what.   We’re all lunatics, anyway, aren’t we.  It’s the human condition.   I’m not scared of ants and cabbages.  That’s a good thing, does it count?

Now I’m going to make supper – hand-made pasta, and mushrooms, green pepper, garlic and ripe tomatoes fried in olive oil.  Mmm.  Yum.  A glass of red wine.  The good life.


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