Emilio and the tango


My broadband allocation just ran out and I freaked out, less than an hour after my last post, when I was feeling clear, safe, fluid and light.  For about a minute my world crashed.  I was able to fix it quickly and with ease, but the terror that flooded my body for a few seconds was intolerable.  Also utterly inappropriate.

Like Post traumatic stress syndrome.  Anybody would think I’d been blown up by a pipe bomb or something 6 years ago.  In some ways I was.  I can’t be this vulnerable any more.  I have to create some kind of security for myself.  Or let it happen.  Whatever, however, it must happen.   At least I righted myself quickly this time.  Feel fine again.

I must have a space within myself and in the world that is unassailable.  Where I can practise the tango, hang out, feel safe and be free to express myself. 

Just like Emilio.   He doesn’t have a care in the world.

I wonder what he does for a living.  Oh that’s right, he won the lottery…


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