Ciabatta toast and tea

If all I have to do – all I can do – is know what I need, do what I can and let the universe or whatever do the rest, let me state it here.

I need to be able to find what next step I must take to understand all the blog terminology, because even reading the explanations doesn’t get me anywhere, my knowledge is so basic.  I don’t understand what feedburner is, what the elements of a blog page are, what a widget is or what it does, or which ones I should have, how to load them.

Right, Universe and god or whatever, are you listening? 

I don’t understand, and I want to.  I want to understand everything there is to know about how to promote my blog, how to optimize on everything that’s provided, what all that everything is, what it means, what it does.  I need to understand internet and blog terminology so that I can make sense of explanations that are available.

I need someone who can understand my level of ignorance and speak to it in a way that makes sense to me.

I need some direction here.

I also need to have some lunch.  Ciabatta toast and jam with tea.   Comfort food.  The best kind.


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