Cats and control

There’s a cat in this house that was generally pretty lethargic and not that interested in me.  She visited, though, and one day I did a tantrum.  Boy that woke her up!  Didn’t scare her, she just came alive.  The other day I did a bigger one – and my energy was fairly intense, focused and primeval – and she transformed into a wild cat.

I swear it, I tell no lies.  She growled from deep inside her.  I had to spend some time reassuring her that I wasn’t some giant predator!

Well, she’s much more active now and vocal.  But still, she does what she wants.  Today she was sitting outside my door.  Wouldn’t come in.  I stood for a while making inviting noises, but she didn’t budge.  So then I said fine, don’t come in, and went inside.

And she came in.  What is it about cats?!  Maybe they can sense a person’s desire to control them, and they don’t like it.  Can’t say I blame them, I don’t like it either.


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