A simple happy blog

Still 1 January. Yesterday I worried that I couldn’t keep this blog up, I had nothing to say, and couldn’t imagine ever having anything more to say.

Worse, I worried that nobody could possibly have any interest in reading my blog, that I’m just like my mother, a narcissist fascinated with my own world and nothing else.

Today I don’t care, I’m enjoying myself, and this being my 3rd blog I guess I’ve at least proved to myself that my words haven’t dried up.

I can’t wait to get broadband so I can spend time on developing the appearance of my blog, add pictures and things. Things being singing, playing the piano, maybe even a tantrum or two. Liven it up a bit. Words get flat after a while. No, that’s not true, words are great, I love them. Just want to illustrate also.

For example I want to show the dress I made that I told you about in my last blog.

The one that Armani made for me, I mean.

I’m branching out on FB. You can knock on anyone’s door and say hello, can we be friends? I did something either brave or foolish or both yesterday. I looked for Jack under his real name, and messaged all my findings. Hallo, are you the Jack I met…

some people have hundreds of FB friends. I have 5 so far with a few requests pending. It’s better than none, I have to start somewhere.

Well, the world looks like a much brighter place than it did when I woke up this morning. After three blogs, one temper tantrum and a very delicious tasting cup of coffee and toast for breakfast.


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