Thank god Christmas is over!

4 more posts until I’ve done a hunderd.  Hundred.

And all I’ve had so far is encouragement.  No crabby comments, increasing readership. Easy effortless and enjoyable.  Could this really be a way of earning a living for me?

Thank god Christmas is over.  It’s ironic, the idea and reality of being alone was painful, but when I used to participate in family feasts, I always felt sick afterwards, from eating too much.

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always eaten too much at Christmas.  The pleasure is over too quickly, and then there’s the pain.  Goes on for days.  Too much rich food.  I’ve never really liked rich food.  It tastes great for about two mouthfuls, then it becomes a gastric nightmare.


Today I feel just great.  Didn’t eat too much, didn’t swallow my truth at all, didn’t try to fit in where I didn’t belong.  Didn’t spend money I didn’t have, don’t have any unpleasant consequences to recover from.

Sound like a good rationalization?  Of course it is.  I don’t care.  There are pros and cons to everything, and today I’m happy with the pros of being alone on Christmas day.  Well, put it like that and and and.

Anyway, good or bad, it’s over.  I don’t do the crappy stuff any more.  Now I can fill up the space with the good stuff.  Next Christmas.  Right.


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