Sordid, nauseating feeding frenzy

When I first saw how much writing work you can get through the internet I was gobsmacked.  Freedom ahead!  Work!!!  The light bulb didn’t go on at first.  Then it did.  What a horrifying sight.  People start web-sites and hire writers to write blogs, for which they pay dirt, and rake in the cash from advertisers.  US$1 per 500 words.  At best that’s one dollar an hour.  At best.  It’s likely to be much less in reality.

The exploitation is utterly disgusting.  But it’s not all.  Worse, the bosses aren’t even looking for original articles.  They actually advertise that they want writers to paraphrase what somebody else has written.   It makes me sick to my stomach.  Repulsive, sordid, nauseating feeding frenzy.

Writing opportunities?  Opportunities for who?  For writers?  I don’t think so.  It’s like the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, when people worked for slave wages.  Smart-asses figured out real quick that they could accumulate vast wealth and power off the backs of the vulnerable, honest, needy and less-informed.

The backbone of capitalism.  Fortunately more and more people are becoming informed about their rights to not be exploited.  If all the people in the world who work for minimum wage so their bosses can make a fortune said “no I’m not going to do it. You want me to work I want you to pay” the wealth inequality situation would even out miraculously.

It always comes back to the responsibility we all have for empowering ourselves.  All I can say is that I won’t participate in the above feeding frenzy, I won’t steal from other writers and I won’t let myself be exploited.  Besides, I already know from experience that if I say to myself I have to take this work because I don’t have any other options, it becomes my reality.

It’s not about the money, it’s about the belief I give authority to.  I take the crap work and I say to myself and the world I don’t deserve anything better, and anyway there isn’t anything better.  Not for me.  I set the stage for the next act in my life, which isn’t going to be any different from the last.  Exploitation.  Dissatisfaction.  Frustration.  Believing I’m trapped.  Being underpaid.

It’s no use taking this work and saying to myself something better will come along.  No it won’t.  I’ve made my choice, I’ve filled the gap, there’s no space in my consciousness for anything else.

I’m not so scared now scared to say no, to say to myself and life “that’s not what I want and I don’t accept it.  I know there must be something better for me”.

Besides, why write blogs for somebody with no integrity for them to make a dishonest fortune with – and in the process, be dictated to.  And to also steal from other writers and compromise every ounce of integrity I have – why do any of this when I can write my own blogs, make my own money?  Steal from nobody.  Exploit nobody.

It’s a bit of a no-brainer.

I’m not going to add to the crap in the world.  There’s enough already.  I don’t know what the point of living is if you sell your soul like that, whether you’re the writer or the boss.  Life is too precious and much too short to waste it like that.


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