The power of the Catholic Church

Still on the subject of authority figures, how about the Catholic church?

They’re famous for saying give us a child when they’re six, and we’ve got them for life.  It shows a astuteness, an understanding of human development, but it’s not admirable.  With no remorse they feed the child myth and fantastical imagery, and create fear of wrong-doing, fear of being an individual, they turn ordinary humans into gods, they promote chauvenism and abuse of power.

And they subject the child to this before it has the capacity to think logically, before it has the ability to think for itself at all.  I had an argument with my father once about Catholicism.  I said I don’t believe it’s an organisation founded on truth or integrity.  He said but why do so many millions of people believe that it is, then?  They can’t all be wrong.


Let’s see.  Once upon a time every person in the world thought the earth was flat.  One person realized it’s round.  That one person was right.   If the Catholic church waited until we were adults, capable of thinking for ourselves, capable of weighing facts, and if they then said the following is the truth of our organisation:

1)  It’s run by men, and there’s no place for women to have any kind of standing at all, they are totally subjugated regardless of talent or spirituality.  By virtue of their gender they will never be able to be as important as men;

2)  Our organization has the following ties to the Mafia (- and enumerated them);

3)  We have distorted, twisted and created a sin out of something that God created – namely sexuality;

4)  We force our priests to embrace that idea, and live in an unnatural state;

5)  We prohibit our priests from experiencing the most god-given and natural right of all living creatures – love;

6)  A very large proportion of those priests become so frustrated, and twisted, that they rape and sodomize little girls and boys, and these are the names of those children, and these are photos of those priests;

7)  We sweep what they’ve done under the carpet, deny any wrongdoing, and move the priests to another location;

8)  We preach the sanctity of poverty, but we are the wealthiest private organization in the world.  Our leaders don’t live in poverty, they wear very expensive garb and have expensive jewelery.  We don’t use the money we amass to alleviate poverty;

9)   We are one of the most powerful organizations in the world, and we abuse this power.

Hmmm.  I wonder how many people would join the church then, I wonder how much power it would have, if it told the truth, and prohibited parents from exposing their children to its dogma until they were of an age where they could choose.

The Catholic church isn’t about truth and integrity.  It’s about power.  It’s just cleverly disguised.  Well, maybe Machiavellian more than clever.  The lure of the con.  Amazing that so many people are still hypnotized by it.

They got me when I was five.  Very vulnerable, very tender, very imaginative, very influenceable.  But they didn’t get to keep me for life.  I’m proud to say I’m one of the ones that got away.  Not before they inflicted a huge amount of damage, mind you.  I doubt I’ll ever get an apology.

Which Pope was it who was murdered?  Wasn’t it the one who wanted to expose all the corruption, who wanted to spend the church’s wealth on the poor?  They got rid of him real quick.


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