It’s a definite improvement

“Seek ye the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added unto you”.   I think the kingdom of god means the source of life, which contains all that is good at the most potent level; which we’re always drawn towards  and which we strive to become increasingly conscious of.  In every part of our lives, in real physical, material ways as well as intellectual and spiritual.

Well, I’ve been seeking that kingdom of God for a long time, at first not knowingly, then in an increasingly conscious way.  Now I can see what it looks like and experience it at what I’m sure is still a pretty primitive level.   It’s fine by me.  I know there’s more to come.

I’m happy for my consciousness of it to expand exponentially.  I’m thrilled that every time I experience more than I have before I get to realize there’s more ahead of me.  I’m Cheshire-cat-grin pleased that nobody can take this away from me.  You can’t lose what belongs to you.

It’s a distinct improvement on the old idea that dominated and drove my life.  The idea that I’m a failure, worthless, ugly and stupid and my life can go nowhere.  That I’m too old, that it’s too late, that if I could somehow be good enough I could at least get to heaven when I die, only I won’t because I’ll never be that good.  So I’ll burn in the hell in the total absence of good and love – forever .

Yes, I’d say it’s an improvement.



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